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Sniff and Sip Holiday Event


Stop by The Scentarium – New York’s ‘oasis’ in the heart of Manhattan. Say hello and have a glass of bubbly!
December 17 from 6-9pm
Location: 85 Franklin St in Tribeca, NYC
Do you like Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Oriental Fragrances? Discover which you prefer and receive a deluxe sample of the Fragrance Family you love… You will also have the opportunity to create your own Custom Fragrances for you, friends and loved ones at “preferred pricing” for the Holidays (limited time only). Further learn Sue Phillips secret for magnificent looking skin for the holidays as she introduces the new fabulous product line she is using.
The wonderful perfume blends will be highlighted and complemented with a delicious Mulberry Juice Green Tea from MULBERRY LOVE – a revolutionary superfruit drink. Rich in antioxidants and natural ingredients shown to help boost immunity, ignite brain power, and hydrate your body; this refreshing blend of mulberry juice and coconut water tastes delicious too. Enjoy mulberry fruity green tea and pair it with our fresh aromatic Green Perfume Blend with notes of Green Tea, Green Grass and a hint of HyacinthAnd everyone wants a little sweetness at the Holidays!
If you feel like warming up in the cold winter weather, have a glass of wine from XVExclusives and The Most Romantic Wine. XV Exclusives, Inc. is an importer and distributor of fine luxury wines. Some of The World’s best wines will be posted and followed here on this fanpage. The Most Romantic Wine is an Exclusive Collection of Icewines designed to bring the romance back into wine. Distinctive characteristics from each varietal evoke a different taste profile and emotion. These rich, flavorful nectars will be a wine that can be paired with your mood not just your food. Discerning consumers will appreciate the promise of this collection.
Taste Scrumptious Tasty Cupcake bites from Destinas Cream Bakery – Red Velvet Holiday Cupcakes; Smooth Warm Vanilla cupcake bites, and Go for broke Chocolate brownie! Yummy, delicious, aromatic and pair them with our Rose Fragrance, Sensuous Balsamic Vanilla blend and see how taste and flavor are enhanced by their fabulous aromas and enjoy a “SCENTSORY” EXPERIENCE!
Treats by BRAAITIME. The brand makes Authentic South African style Biltong…inspired by an old family recipe on his wife’s families side. Biltong is a 400 year old traditional South African beef snack, cured in a unique and highly nutritious way.
The most exquisite garments will be available at The Scentarium from Y by Yasmina byYasmina Rana – designer of exquisite custom garments from Nepal. This emphasis on workmanship has shaped her approach to design. When such care is lavished on a garment, it is beautiful inside and out – reversible. Her effervescent creativity pushes the potential of the garment further still. A skirt is no longer just reversible. It is also a dress, a poncho, a top… Ultimately, it is an invitation to play. Yasmine has received honors in Nepal for her entrepreneurship and her work with women’s organizations such as Tewa, Dhaka Weaves and Sabah Nepal. She participated in Couture Fashion Week 2014 in New York City where she is now based. First from her Kathmandu boutique and then internationally, she has worked directly with several thousand customers in designing custom garments.  She channels decades of experience into ready-to-wear pieces that help women with various body types look and feel their best. From the very beginning, Yasmine’s unwavering sense of quality led her to form her own manufacturing unit in Nepal. Each artisan has been trained by her personally to achieve all the marks of impeccable tailoring.  Her pieces are finished with refinement, featuring couture detailing such as binding and hand-sewn buttonholes.
Come and enjoy this Scentertaining TM experience with us!
Learn more about  at www.scenterprises.com
Event presented by EVENTLAND – Global and One-Stop Event Planning and Production // www.eventland.nyc
*The Scentarium reserves all right to deny entrance to guests not dressed appropriatly or guests who are acting
ways, which are not appropriate for event.
85 Franklin St (lower level) – New York, NY 10013 – View Map
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A Fragrant Gift

Happy Holidays Gift Certificate

Happy Holidays Gift Certificate

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate

This time of year is always so special no matter what your convictions or religion, as it is a time to think of others, share time and memories and spoil those we love with fabulous end of year presents!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I love getting a surprise present!! Something I wasn’t expecting but which I think is fun and fabulous.

With this in mind, I have launched a selection of limited Gift Certificates – that you can purchase and have personalized for your loved ones – and the gift they will get is a one-on-one fragrance Workshop with myself at my New York Bespoke Perfumery – the Scentarium™ – where during their  educational and sensual voyage into the world of perfumes – they will not only learn how a fragrance is constructed – but they will actually be able to make their very own

fragrance creation on the day and take it home with them.

Male or female, young or old – my workshops are fun, fascinating and fabulous!!!

So – don’t miss out – buy someone you love a Fragrant Gift Certificate available from my web site:

Happy Hannukah Gift Certificate

Happy Hannukah Gift Certificate

Sue_Black Suit small

Sue Phllips


Happy Holidays

Sue Phillips



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Custom Scents and Bespoke Perfumes – by Sue Phillips


It is so exciting to see the recent press coverage by some of the top media journalists and bloggers  featuring The Scentarium, and Scenterprises’ Custom Scents by Sue Phillips.  Whether you’re a music lover, a food and wine buff, a fashion guru, an art critic or simply someone who loves being an individual – then the Art of Fragrance and your Sense of Smell has a role to play in balancing and complementing all of your senses to create that extraordinary experience.

GIRLS SCOUTS WITH THEIR FRAGRANCESSharing my love of fragrances with individuals and groups is my raison d’etre, and through my company Scenterprises, I am able to connect with people in various ways:

  • Bespoke Perfumery –whoever you are – your personality, looks, career, family, hobbies – all of these things will influence what kind of fragrance notes you will prefer – you can have fun finding this out yourself by doing my on-line Scent Personality Quiz.
  • The Scentarium – my New York based bespoke perfumery is where you can attend a fragrance workshop, learn all about the art of perfumery and actually create your own custom scents. We.Rule (werulenyc.com)
  • movie iconsIconic Fragrances for the Stars: With Movie Zoot  (www.moviezoot.com) I was invited to create 3 ‘fantasy’ bespoke perfumes for three of the most iconic movie stars that have ever lived, Katherine Hepburn, Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth– you can read the article here.
  • Niche Perfumers Earlier in the year I worked with both Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes to help them create their own bespoke perfumes – you can read about my work as a Bespoke Perfumeur in an article by CaFleurbon. (www.cafleurbon.com)
  • Motivational Speaker – sharing the fun, education and interest that perfume engenders in people is a very powerful team-building tool. I am always delighted to be asked to share my passion and knowledge of the fragrance world and use it to create positive dynamics amongst groups of individuals. I will be speaking in February 2016 at Canyon Ranch (www.canyonranch.com) – you can read more details here.


    Being interviewed by Journalists – every magazine, newspaper, blog or internet based media has its own unique and individual viewpoint and a particular audience profile. I am always thrilled when asked by journalists to explain how fragrance could be important to their particular client base.  Here’s a recent article in Guitar Girl Magazine (www.guitargirmag.com) where we discuss the link between music and fragrance. My Byrdie (www.byrdie.com) also interviewed me a few weeks ago and we discussed some of the more technical aspects of perfume and how or why certain scents will last longer than others. Click here to read.

  • Custom Scents – when you have a special event, such as a wedding, what could be a more perfect way of sharing  your day with your guests than creating a custom scent yourselves for your special day and then gifting each of your guests with a sample?  Whenever they wear your special scent, they will think of you! And if they really love it, they can always re-order from my web site: www.scenterprises.com. Read the editorial written by the New York Post (www.nypost.com) and my custom fragrances for Weddings.

crystal bottlesIf you’d like to create your own perfume, use fragrance as a team building tool, entertain your guests with a fabulous experience or simply learn more about the world of scent – then please get in touch – I’d love to work with you.

Sue@scenterprises.com     Tel: 646-350-6562 or 917-449-1134


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Sue Phillips – Bespoke Perfumeur

Sue at the ScentariumAs a Bespoke Fragrance Designer or “Perfumeur”, my mission is to create custom scents, also referred to as bespoke or signature scents. I love fragrance and I adore sharing my knowledge and passion for scent with fragrance lovers.

At my New York Perfumery, The Scentarium™, visitors schedule an appointment  and are invited to explore the fascinating world of the Art of Perfumery, to begin to understand the building blocks of a perfume and ultimately to leave with a unique fragrance that has been designed just for them. Guests experience an educational, interactive and scentertaining™ voyage of ‘scentsory’ discovery and love the outcome of leaving with their OWN bespoke fragrance.  It’s not just for women, as 40% of our clients are men.

For more details on how to book a fragrance workshop at the Scentarium™, please call: 917-449-1134, email: info@scenterprises.com or book on line

crystal bottlesIf you don’t live in New York, but would still like to have a bespoke perfume created just for you, I have a subscription service where you will receive 4 unique and distinct perfumes created especially for you. Once you’ve subscribed, you take my specially developed Scent Personality Quiz. Your answers to each question give an insight into the fragrance notes that you prefer and will allow me to create a beautiful and unique scent just for you. Each scent (4 per year) will be mailed to you with a unique reference code – so that you will be able to re-order it again and again from our website: www.scenterprises.com.  I have had rave reviews from so many of my clients who keep reordering  their  ‘bespoke perfumes’ time and time again. This way you can create and order your Bespoke Perfume or Signature Scent.

How many times do you hear “Wow, I love your outfit – it’s so YOU!”? Well now you can hear “Wow, I love your perfume – where DID you get it?”!  Of course you will be able to answer – “It was designed JUST for me!”

So, don’t miss out on the latest fashion trend – and if you’d like to offer someone a truly fragrant Christmas Gift – then why not offer them a Gift Certificate for a fragrance workshop at the Scentarium™? Available from my website :www.scenterprises.com

I would love to create a bespoke scent just for you, so I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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Custom Fragrances for Weddings

crystal bottles

The NY Post features Sue Phillips explaining how to have your very own Custom Fragrance for your Wedding Day.

You can have a female scent, a masculine scent – or a unisex scent – and why not give some to all of your guests?

More information available by calling: 646-350-6562 or by emailing: info:scenterprises.com

NY post article


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…for yourself, your body and your friends – by Sue Phillips


Fall Colours can be reflected in your custom perfume

Summer is almost over and there is nothing better than a change of season to treat yourself and those around you to something special ….. So, here are some ‘TREAT TIPS’

Treat yourself to a unique perfume, give yourself a new body makeover or do something special for a friend or loved one.

citrus notes

Summer Citrus Notes

Treat yourself to a unique fragrance experience. Scent unlocks your hidden powers by allowing you to change your persona according to your moods. After a summer of youthful, flirty and girly scents, do you still love lively fresh, uplifting, sparkling scents with ingredients such as zesty lemon, tangy lime, sweet bergamot and verbena, with a hint of lily and rose?


sensual floral

Sensual Floral notes

Or are you now ready to create a new custom scent to celebrate your Fall personality? Typically Fall fragrances are slightly bolder with beautiful floral notes of jasmine, gardenia and ylang-ylang, combined with sensual, creamy sandalwood, clean musks and a dry-down of smouldering patchouli and oakmoss. This is the new you – alluring, sensual, intense, distinctive and in control of your feminine powers.


earthy mossy

Beautiful earthy mossy notes

Change your persona through scent and let your perfume be as unique as you are. Treat yourself, create a unique custom scent that reflects the new you! To create your very own perfume, all you need are some perfume blends.

Treat your body and look terrific!  Want to give yourself a body makeover? Exfoliate your skin by pampering yourself to a wonderful Spa day and luxuriate in the relaxed new YOU.

Treat a friend or a loved one by doing something special and go the extra mile! Offer to babysit, or to go shopping for a friend or loved one who is unable to.

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Bespoke Perfumes – where my inspiration came from – by Sue Phillips

Sue Phillips - Fragrance Expert

Sue Phillips – Fragrance Expert

As many of you will know, I am crazy about fragrances!! Yes, quite literally scent mad and passionate about perfume! I have spent my career immersed in the luxurious world of perfumes, scents, smells and aromas and I am currently the Adjunct Professor of Fragrance  at LIM College in NYC – where I share my passion and knowledge of the Art of Perfumery in a course entitled: “The Secret World of Scent”.

I grew up in South Africa, a wild and beautiful country, and many of my childhood memories are filled with the wonderful scents of the glorious flora and the smoke infused woody aromas of safari camp fires.

It is in this cradle of natural, exotic perfumes that my personal fragrance journey began and I developed my love for the mysterious world of the art of perfumery. Through the heady mixture of sensual floral tropical gardens, exotic spicy burning woods and luscious green morning dews my sensory awakening was born.

I was thrilled to see that Africa’s first Perfumery has just opened in South Africa along with an area to create your very own personalized scent. If this interests you, then why not come down to my Perfumery in TriBeCa – The Scentarium – where I can share with you some of the exotic scents that have formed the basis of my bespoke perfume blends and through a workshop (individual or group) you too can learn all about the Art of Perfumery and learn to create you very own custom perfume.

Join the latest fashion trend, just like Jamie Foxx and  Katie Holmes and design your own perfume.

Contact Information: info@scenterprises.com – or book an appointment.


Katie Holmes Designs her own Fragrance with Sue Phillips

Katie Holmes Designs her own Fragrance with Sue Phillips

Jamie Foxx at the Scentarium where he created his own personalized scent

Jamie Foxx at the Scentarium where he created his own personalized scent






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Exploring the Aromas of South Africa Sept 2, 2015

I am excited to learn that South Africa opened its first Perfume Museum in Africa.


map of south africaEvery time I think about growing up in South Africa I am reminded of the wild and wonderful aromas of the ‘Dark Continent’, and the many school outings we enjoyed, to discover our heritage and to enjoy the fauna and flora of this magnificent country.  An annual ritual was to visit the Game Reserves (not Preserves) in the Northern Transvaal…just north of the bustling metropolis city of Johannesburg!

When we arrived at our final destination at dusk, the orange skies were the perfect backdrop for the beautiful trees silhouetted against the horizon; once statuesque, there were now slightly bent, from the elephants and giraffes tugging at the tops of the trees to reach the sweetest part of the leaves.

The campsite was the meeting place for an early dinner, and the welcoming aroma of the smoky crackling ‘braai’ (barbecue) was inviting. We would sit around the campfire, engulfed in the sounds of the crackling smoke infused aromatic woods, and the shrill cries of the animals calling for their mates. The evening hues of the darkening blue/black skies with a sliver of orange and red at the horizon,  showcased the thatched roof ‘rondavels’ (bungalows) to which we were guided via a guard carrying an ever-present flashlight.

Thus began my fragrance journey and my love for this mysterious art of perfume.  Sitting under the darkening skies, savoring the aromas and tastes of delicious rich barbecued scrumptious meat and grilled vegetables was the start of my love for the world of Scent. The sensual aromas tickled my nostrils as the confluence of exotic luscious scents danced in the air. The hot, dusty red caked earth scorched by the sun was now cooled by the crisp night air, and emitted exotic scents. Much like the ancient rituals, ‘through smoke’- the word “perfume” was born.

The sensory adventure continued the next morning, when we were awakened before dawn by the aromatic aromas of freshly brewed coffee to get us ready for our pre-dawn rides into the ‘bush’.  As we clamored into the open-air land-rover for our pre-breakfast ride, the whiff of the fresh morning dew was the purest sweetest most seductive green natural dewy scent masking the red scorched earth from the previous day. Ahh the smells of Africa – mysterious, exotic and unforgettable!

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Custom Perfume Making Kit

Sue Phillips with Deluxe Perfume Making KitWould you like to design your own bespoke perfume just like a celebrity?

With the Scenterprises’ Custom Perfume Making Kit you can design your very own fragrance in the comfort of your home.

Complete with full instructions and all the necessary equipment you will need to become a Perfumer yourself, The Scentarium Custom Perfume Making Kit includes 12 unique perfume blends created by Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips. The 12 Perfume Blends are divided into 4 fragrance families:




Once you have the kit you can mix and match the Fragrance Blends in any combination to suit YOUR ideal fragrance – and of course you can also create fragrances for your family and friends as well!

If you’d like to understand more about what kind of fragrances you like and which family of scents you instinctively prefer, then you can take our Scent Personality Quiz, which is fun and instructive !


The Scentarium Custom Perfume Making Kit

Only $243 including delivery, the Scentarium Custom Perfume Making Kit is great value – if you were to buy the Perfume Blends individually, they would cost $540 (each 10ml blend normally retails for $45 each).

Go ahead and treat your self or a loved one to the latest trend in the perfumery market and unleash the creative perfumer inside you!

If you would like any further information, then please contact Sue at: info@scenterprises.com

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Sue Phillips – Motivational Speaker talks at the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce for Marketing Week NYC

Sue Phillips, specialist Motivational speaker in the Art of Perfumery and how to use fragrance for sensory branding, spoke recently at the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing Week NYC.

Sue’s Scent Branding seminar – which you can watch below, explains how fragrance can lift your senses and accelerate your Brand’s awareness and customer loyalty.

Sue Phillips is available as a Motivational Speaker for Corporate events, team building exercises and branding seminars. Contact Sue.

sue phillips - motivational speaker

Sue Phillips – Motivational Speaker for Scent Branding

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Bespoke Perfumes by Sue Phillips – subscribe now!

Sue Phillips, internationally renowned Fragrance Expert and CEO of Scenterprises and New York’s trendiest perfumery, the Scentarium, is delighted to announce the launch of her new subscription service where for an annual fee, Sue will design four exclusive, personalized and unique fragrances just for you.

In order to receive this service, all you need to do is take the Scenterprises’ Scent Personality Quiz and then sign up to the Annual Subscription, and based on the results of your quiz, Sue will create four stunningly delicious perfumes exclusively for you.

Scenterprises subscription image

In addition, if you like what Sue creates for you, then you will be able to re-order these from us via our Perfume Bottles page simply by selecting the size and shape of bottle you would like and filling in your personal details as requested.


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Scenterprises Perfume Quiz – Design your own Perfume

Sue Phillips, CEO of Scenterprises and New York’s trendiest Perfumery, the Scentarium, has developed an exclusive and fun perfume quiz that will allow you to identify what your Scent Personality profile is. Once you have this information, you will be able to shop with confidence selecting from Scenterprises exquisite Perfume Blends those that you would instinctively like and then once you have these blends, you can start creating your very own bespoke scent in the comfort of your own home. (The blends come complete with full instructions and all the necessary bit and pieces you will need to get you started to create your very own perfume).

Scenterprises Perfume Quiz image

Scenterprises Perfume Quiz

What could be more fun or more exciting? Take our perfume quiz today and find out what kind of Scent Personality you have!



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Father’s Day Gifts – shop on line

purchase a gift certificateFather’s Day is just around the corner (June 21st), so if you’re looking for an original, interesting and really creative gift for your special Dad, then why not spoil him with a Scenterprises’ Gift Certificate.

The Gift Certificate will entitle your Father to a one on one Consultation with renowned Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips, where he will go on a fabulous fragrance journey, learn all about the Art of Perfumery and actually create his very own bespoke perfume that he will be able to take home with him.

custom perfumes for menA unique gift for a unique Dad. Each Gift Certificate is personalised with your special message – simply complete the questionnaire on or purchase page. The Gift Certificate can be redeemed up to 9 months from the date of purchase.

If you would like to attend a Fragrance Consultation with your Father so you can both enjoy the experience and each create your very own personalized scent, then you can schedule a Workshop for two people here, or contact Sue directly for further details.

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Custom Scents – A Rose Like No Other by Sue Phillips

Modern Rose Floral – A Perfume Blend for Custom Scents and Bespoke Perfumes

Red-White-and-Pink-Rose-HD-Wallpaper“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.”  Alphonse Karr, 1808-1890 A French critic, journalist and novelist.

Roses have always been the ultimate symbol of femininity and despite many people saying that they don’t like ROSE scents or perfumes because they are cloying and old fashioned, the beautiful fragrance of a Rose will always be a representation of love, luxury and beauty in our modern day-to-day lives and of course in the perfume industry. A bouquet of magnificent roses is always a joy to receive!

RoseBlackBaccaraRoses have been used in perfumery for centuries, with rose petals being strewn to symbolize romantic trysts. Roses are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers and come in exquisite hues from pinks, purples and reds to salmon and white and other radiant colors. There are even ‘black’ roses which are very deep dark red and are called Black Magic Roses or Bacarra Roses – however there is no natural black rose.


modern rose floral perfume blendsOur Modern Rose Floral Perfume Blend is a contemporary, exotic, Rose. It is an intoxicating combination of Wild Rose and Turkish Rose Otto, with a hint of Moroccan rose Violet, Cognac, Spicy Clove and Violet Leaf. It is the epitome of femininity, mystery, and elegance – modern, sophisticated and refined with a hint of spice, and, at the same time, very alluring! It can be worn alone or combined with any of our lovely perfume blends. It is one of our most popular blends and both men and women really love it. We would be delighted if you tried it!

Your perfume should be as unique as you.


facebook small Like our Facebook page Scenterprises LTD  and every 50th like will win a FREE 1ml sample of Sue Phillips’ Modern Rose Floral Perfume Blend.

If you take our Scent Personality Test you will become eligible to a discount off our Perfume Blends and our Fragrance Workshops.

Sue Phillips writes short articles about her range of original, luxurious perfume blends which are only available via her web site: www.scenterprises.com or from her perfumery THE SCENTARIUM™ in Down Town TriBeCa.

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Father’s Day – special Gift

purchase a gift certificateFather’s Day is just around the corner (June 21st), so if you’re looking for an original, interesting and really creative gift for your special Dad, then why not spoil him with a Scenterprises’ Gift Certificate.

The Gift Certificate will entitle your Father to a one on one Consultation with renowned Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips, where he will go on a fabulous fragrance journey, learn all about the Art of Perfumery and actually create his very own bespoke perfume that he will be able to take home with him.

custom perfumes for menA unique gift for a unique Dad. Each Gift Certificate is personalised with your special message – simply complete the questionnaire on or purchase page. The Gift Certificate can be redeemed up to 9 months from the date of purchase.

If you would like to attend a Fragrance Consultation with your Father so you can both enjoy the experience and each create your very own personalized scent, then you can schedule a Workshop for two people here, or contact Sue directly for further details.

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Kati Vereshaka – Bespoke Perfume

Kati Vereshaka, Style Editor of the Epoch Times, NYC recently visited Sue Phillips of Scenterprises where with the guiding hand of Sue she created her very own bespoke scent. Read her tweet below.

Kati Vereshaka

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Sue Phillips – Motivational Speaker

sue phillips motivational speakerIf you’re looking for someone to inspire your company to greater heights – then Sue Phillips could be the answer. Known within the industry as a Fragrance Expert, Sue can help your audience re-think company strategy and create fabulous team-building exercises – all of which will lead to a more profitable, dynamic and successful company.

Sue’s passion for perfume stems back to her Native South Africa and after a hugely successful career in many blue chip companies in and around New York, creating and branding fragrances, Sue will now share her knowledge and expertise with you, so you can understand the power of a custom scent as a Marketing tool.

Would you like your brand to be more individual, more unique and more likeable? Then book an appointment with Sue Phillips and learn all about the opportunities that exist for inspiring your customers and drawing them deeper into your brand with the use of your own corporate bespoke scent.

Our sense of smell is our most powerful of all the five senses – yet one that is remarkably underutilized within the world of Marketing. Put your brand on the path to success with the Art of Perfumery by Sue Phillips.

Contact Sue Phillips

Watch Sue Phillips videos on You Tube

Watch Sue Phillips speak at the National Arts Club

Watch Sue Philips speak at the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

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new Scenterprises website design

new home pageReally excited to share our updated website design!

It’s easy to read, and filled with loads of interesting new content.

We would be delighted to hear from you with any thoughts or suggestions!

Custom Scents are a growing trend and we would love to get your feedback about the fragrances you love to wear …and would love to create!

At Scenterprises, you have the ability to meet with a Fragrance Expert, learn about the wonderful ingredients that go into making fragrances, select the exquisite blends you love, and then ‘name’ your unique formula. And you can reorder it anytime as we keep your formula in our database.

Enjoy the new design and our wonderful new Spring/Summer Season!

sue signature




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A Gift for Father’s Day

purchase a gift certificateFather’s Day is just around the corner (June 21st), so if you’re looking for an original, interesting and really creative gift for your special Dad, then why not spoil him with a Scenterprises’ Gift Certificate.

The Gift Certificate will entitle your Father to a one on one Consultation with renowned Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips, where he will go on a fabulous fragrance journey, learn all about the Art of Perfumery and actually create his very own bespoke perfume that he will be able to take home with him.

custom perfumes for menA unique gift for a unique Dad. Each Gift Certificate is personalised with your special message – simply complete the questionnaire on or purchase page. The Gift Certificate can be redeemed up to 9 months from the date of purchase.

If you would like to attend a Fragrance Consultation with your Father so you can both enjoy the experience and each create your very own personalized scent, then you can schedule a Workshop for two people here, or contact Sue directly for further details.


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Sniffapalooza Spring Fling 2015

SUNDAY, May 17

Click to print your Walking Map: http://bit.ly/1bvhoGg

9:00am – 10:30am BIRCHBOX SOHO – 433 West Broadway between Prince & Spring St
Kick off the day with a private visit to the Birchbox Store, Soho’s  fabulous new beauty, fragrance & lifestyle emporium! Indulge in elegant breakfast treats & enjoy a mini Master Class with Harvey Prince Fragrances. Exclusive promotions & gifts for Sniffapalooza!

10:30am – 12:30pm – LE LABO – 233 Elizabeth St between Prince & Houston St
Open House sniffing at Le Labo! Meet the Le Labo team, get a Sneak Sniff at their new release, check out the full collection, those fabulous candles, the world’s most magnificent laundry wash… & have your purchases custom-labeled!

10:30am – 12:30pm – ATELIER COLOGNE – 247 Elizabeth St between Prince & Houston St
Open House sniffing at Atelier Cologne, Elizabeth Street’s newest jewel! Premiere the new Collection Azure, Pomelo Paradise, and Oud Saphir. Experience the full collection while sipping a mimosa! Meet the team, discover the new bath & body collection, take home samples, and have your purchases engraved!

1:00pm – 3:30pm – LUNCH at LA MELA – 167 Mulberry St btwn Grand & Broome St
Five Course Luncheon with Glass of Wine
NOTE: Late group arrivals may not be able to find seats together.

EAU de Sniffapalooza Showcase (Emerging Artisans Uncorked!) & party favors!

Lunch Presentations by:

1) Mark Behnke – MC & Keynote Address
2) Mark Crames and Miriam Songster – Demeter Tomboy
3) Sue Phillips – Scentarium
4) Irina Adam – Phoenix Botanicals
5) Michael Edwards interview with Mark Behnke

3:30pm – 4:30pm – THE SCENTARIUM – 85 Franklin St btwn Broadway & Church St
Explore NYC’s interactive fragrance experience! Join founder & fragrance expert extraordinaire Sue Phillips as she takes you on a journey through her personal world of custom fragrance creation & learn how you can make your own bespoke scent! The Scentarium has become a space for education, enlightenment, & creativity. Special rates & perks for Sniffapalooza!

Must pre-register, special rates for Sniffapalooza! $35 deposit applied to your fragrance purchase of $85** Includes a Scent Personality Quiz to determine your olfactive preferences, and evaluation of different blends to design your own signature scent. Enjoy beverages, wine & delectable treats… & come away with an exquisite personal fragrance!  RSVP via PayPal here: http://bit.ly/1PhS9Vn


Please wear comfortable shoes, do not carry heavy purses, satchels or bags; you’ll thank us later!  Many folks have their purchases shipped so they do not have to lug heavy shopping bags around. Dress code is Urban Chic,   which means wear whatever you want, as long as it is neat and presentable. We’re expecting the weather to be in the mid 70’s!

We suggest people carry water, Advil or some sort of headache medicine, and wipes or swabs to clean your skin to make maximum room for testing new fragrances.

Please see Karen Adams to receive your Registration Packet upon check-in at your first event of the day (Saturday – Outside Good Dish Café for 8:00am arrivals; Lower Level Elevator Area from 10:00am to 10:30am for later arrivals: Sunday – BirchboxSoHo) You will need your lunch tickets, name badges, and BG gift bag ticket (Saturday only) for the event, so make sure you get them from Karen A!

Please print your Walking Maps by clicking on these links:

Saturday Walking Map – http://bit.ly/1E5pUE4
Walking Map – http://bit.ly/1bvhoGg

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Design Your Own Fragrance Workshop – May 17th

Sue at the ScentariumSue Phillips, Fragrance Expert will be hosting a Fragrance Workshop at her bespoke down town Perfumery – The Scentarium™ on Sunday May 17th at 4.30pm. To book your place either email or call Sue  – see details below:

oval logoThe Scentarium, 85 Franklin Street

Ny NY 10013

Cell: 917-449-1134

Email: info@scenterprises.com

sensual floral floral perfume blendsDuring the workshop, you will be taken on a fabulous, sensual fragrance journey, discovering all about the Art of Perfumery, understanding the building blocks of a perfume and then you will actually create your very own bespoke scent – which will be bottled for you to take home.

Fun , educational and productive!


create your own perfumes



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Fragrance: the Powerful Brand Accelerator

Sue at the ScentariumThe Manhatten Chamber of Commerce are delighted to announce a talk by Sue Phillips, Motivational Speaker and  Fragrance Expert as part of the Marketing Week NYC.

The talk will focus on how to use custom scents to increase the impact of your brands.

Sue Phillips is CEO of Scenterprises™ – a company specialised in the Art of Perfumery and the creation of signature scents. The Scenterprises™ Bespoke Perfumery is called the Scentarium™ and is based in TriBeCa, NYC.

Marketing Week NYC – Fragrance – the Powerful Brand Accelerator.

Spaces limited to 80 so: Reserve your seat now!

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Design your own perfume – for Mum

Sue at the Scentarium

Sue Phillips will teach you the Art of Perfumery and show you how to design your very own fragrance

This weekend, lots of very Happy Mums received a wonderful present from their daughters or sons – a beautiful Gift Certificate for a private consultation with renowned fragrance expert Sue Philips so they can learn all about designing their own perfume and actually create their own fragrance during the consultation with Sue.

You don’t have to wait util Mother’s Day next year to offer your Mum one of these fabulous Gift Certificates, they are equally as valid for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas presents.

web certificate image

Personalized Gift Certificates to learn how to create your own perfume

Each certificate is personalized with the details of the receiver (details are filled in on-line when you purchase a Gift Certificate).

Designing your very own perfume is the  latest trend in the word of fashion – you mix and match your clothes, you use make-up creatively – so now it’s time to learn how to mix and match Scenterprises delicious perfume blends into you very own unique and personal fragrance.

The Gift Certificates can be redeemed up to 9 months after purchase.

In addition to Gift Certificates, you can also attend a Fragrance Workshop with Sue Phillips at her trendy, exclusive and beautiful TriBeCa perfumery – the Scentarium™.  Workshops can be for individuals, couples, or groups of any size.

You can reserve a workshop here or contact Sue directly.


Katie Holmes designs her own fragrance with Sue Phillips


Jamie Foxx learns how to design his own fragrance with Sue Phillips


Won G learns how to create your own fragrance with Sue Phillips


group at table

Group workshops are fun and educational – whether as a team building exercise or just to be with your friends for a special occasion

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Mother’s Day Special Gift

Sue at the ScentariumAre you looking for a special gift to give to your adorable Mom for Mothers Day?

Then why not offer her a Personalized Fragrance Workshop with Perfume Expert Sue Phillips where your Mum will learn how to create her own perfume and will actually design a bespoke perfume for herself during the workshop with Sue.

You can offer your Mom a beautiful Gift Certificate which she can redeem at a time and date that suits her and with the details you send with your purchase, we will customise the Gift Certificate with your personal message of love.

Mother's Day Gift Certificate

web certificate image


Purchase a Gift Certificate Go Shopping black small

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Sue Phillips speaks at The National Arts Club

A few weeks ago, Sue Phillips, Fragrance Expert and CEO of Scenterprises™ spoke at the prestigious National Arts Club, introducing the audience to the Art of Perfumery and the importance of fragrance as an expression of personal self as well as a branding tool.

Sue’s love of fragrance and her wealth of knowledge are highly infectious and through her custom fragrance Perfumery in TriBeCa, the Scentarium™, Sue can take you on a fragrance journey and teach you how to design your own perfume using Scenterprises’ beautiful and evocative perfume blends.

Watch Sue Phillips at The National Art Club.

the national arts club

If you would like to attend one of Sue’s Fragrance Workshops then you can reserve here or phone: 646-350-6562 or 917-449-1134.

To purchase Scenterprises’ Perfume Blends – visit our shop, or you can buy the Scentarium™ Deluxe Perfume Making Kit – exclusive to Scenterprises™.

If you’re thinking of holding an event and would like Sue to attend, she would be delighted to make a speech – or you can actually book an interactive, educational and fun Perfume Bar Event where all your guests will actually make their very own personalized perfume to take home with them (minimum 10 people).







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How to Make Your Perfume Last

– both on your skin and on shelf.

Allure.com ask Sue Phillips, president and CEO of Scenterprises and owner of the Scentarium, an appointment-only, custom-fragrance studio in TriBeCa, how to extend the life of fragrance:



the scentarium

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One to One Fragrance Workshops

Katie Holmes with Sue PhillipsDesign Your Own Fragrance – with Sue Phillips.

Learn about the magic and mystery of scent in a one to one Fragrance Workshop with renowned Perfume expert – Sue Phillips. Sue will take you on a personal journey where you will learn about the various Fragrance Families that are the building blocks of any perfume and discover at the same time which families you love by taking Scenterprises’ Scent Personality Quiz.

With the guiding hand of Sue, you will then continue your fragrance journey by evaluating Scenterprises’ beautiful, high quality Perfumes as you create your very own individual Custom Scent.

One to One Fragrance Workshops are unique, creative, fun, educational and a wonderful experience. They make the perfect gift either for yourself or for some one you love. You create your own perfume, deciding what notes you like and don’t like – it takes less than one hour and you leave the workshop with your very own custom perfume, bottled and ready to use. What could be easier, more fun and more you!

The appointment includes all materials to learn how to create a bespoke perfume and an interactive consultation with Sue Phillips – an International Fragrance Expert. If you wish to design a perfume to take home with you on the day, then the perfume blends and materials will be extra depending on what size bottle you select on the day.

Suitable for both men and women – come along and be part of the latest perfume trend.

Cost $550 each ( excluding taxes).   BOOK NOW

Contact Us

Also available: Fragrance Workshops for Two People  Fragrance Workshops for 5-9 people  Fragrance Workshops for 10 or more people



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Sue Phillips has been profiled in ÇaFleureBon

AboutSue01Sue Phillips has been profiled in ÇaFleureBon (pron Sa-fleur-bon) which is the Number 1 niche and natural perfume blog in the world and a top international fragrance and beauty site.  We have been honored by the Fragrance Foundation with five Fragrance Foundation Finalist accolades for Editorial Excellence (2011, 2013, 2014). We are the first perfume blog in Fragrance Foundation history to be honored in all  editorial excellence categories. CaFleureBon is a 2011 Basenotes.net finalist for Best Perfume Blog. We are an official media sponsor for Esxence—The Scent of Excellence, the premier exhibition for Artistic perfumery held yearly in Milan.




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Deluxe Perfume Making Kit by Bella NYC

Leading Fashion Magazine Bella NYC recommends The Scentarium™ Deluxe Perfume Making Kit by Scenterprises™ in their March/April 2105 The Influencer edition.

Featured in the Ultimate Beauty To-Do List, The Deluxe Perfume Making Kit is the perfect way to design your very own custom perfume in the intimacy of your own home, either by yourself or having fun with a group of friends.

More details of the Perfume Kit are available here.

To find out more about creating your own bespoke perfume – why not attend a Scenterprises™ Fragrance Workshop.



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Scent Personality Quiz

The fragrance you wear is your ultimate accessory. Now that you've bought our Introductory Kit, take our unique quiz and discover your preferred fragrance family and we'll send you the matching Perfume Blends with your kit.

relaxing herbal perfume blendMake Sense of Scents

Perfumes touch our deepest emotions and reflect the true spirit of a person. What you wear, how you wear it, and where you wear it, says everything about you. A perfume should be as individual as the person who wears it.

Tired of wearing the fragrances that everyone else wears? Now you can create your very own personalized perfume.

Scent and Memory

Isn't it amazing how the whiff of baby powder immediately takes you back to a beautiful new born baby or scent a wafting in the air can remind you of the memory of your first ever kiss?

Scent & Emotions

Smell is a pure emotional sense. It is the second strongest sense that we have.

Crisp Green perfume blendUnlike our other senses, we cannot turn off our sense of smell, and so during an event that is emotionally charged, what you smell at that moment becomes intimately intertwined with the experience.

That is because the limbic system houses the olfactory hub, the part of the brain that allows you to smell. When you process a smell, you're also processing the event or the emotion that goes with it. As a result scent and emotions become indelibly imprinted on your brain. When you smell the scent again, it triggers the memory because it’s embedded in your brain.

Tired of wearing the fragrances that everyone else wears?  Well now you don't have to - with the Introductory Kit, you will discover that your fragrance can be as unique and individual as you are. Your friends and family will be amazed!

To take our Fabulous Perfume Quiz, simply complete the boxes below. It's quick, easy, interactive and fun! and you'll learn so much about the type of fragrances you love. ENJOY! We'll then send you the Kit with the Perfume Blends that reflect your Scent Personality.

Take our quiz and receive 10% off our Perfume Blends (only available for quiz takers!)

Your email address:

Your name:

Your Phone:

Your Company name if applicable:


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Fragrance as Fashion

What does your fragrance say about you?

Sue Phillips with Deluxe Perfume Making KitSue Phillips – renowned Perfume Expert will be a guest speaker at The National Arts Club on Friday February 20th at 7.00pm.

Sue will initiate you into the Art of Perfumery and take you on a voyage of discovery about custom scents and how you can design your very own personalized scent.

Details below.

The National Art Club Perfume Event

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Design Your Own Perfume events next week

design your own scentScenterprises is celebrating Valentine’s this year with many Design Your Own Perfume events next week and hundreds of MEN have been calling us to book Fragrance Workshops  or Gift Certificates for the LOVE of their life!

Don’t miss out – come along and join us at one of the events below – or why not organise a Custom Fragrance Event at your own venue?  Creating Your Own Fragrance is the latest rage for group events, parties and couples.

kit with roses

 Sunday February 8th – Scent Wine and Chocolate Tasting at Black Label 2pm – 4pm, 111 West 20th St, NY NY

Tuesday February 10th – Gloria Cressler/Black Tie Magazine – Trump World Bar, 6pm – 8pm,  845 United Nations Plaza (First Avenue and corner of East 48th Street New York City)

Thursday February 12th – Custom Fragrance Workshop – The Scentarium , 6pm – 8pm, 85 Franklin St, NY NY

modern rose floral perfume blends♥ Friday February  13th – Steve Fox’s Valentine’s Party – 230 Fifth,  7pm – 11pm , 5th Ave at West 27th Ave, NY

Friday February  20th – National Arts Club explores the Magic and Mystery of Fragrance. 7pm. National Arts Club 15 Gramercy Park, NY

Scenterprises customizes Gift Certificates for people who are not able to attend on the above dates to be redeemed at a future date of your choice.

For more information call: 917-449-1134 or email: info@scenteprises.com



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Create Your Own Valentine Scent

Valentine 2015 newsletter

Join a Fragrance Workshop with renowned Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips and discover the secrets of creating your own bespoke fragrance – whether for yourself or your loved one – the perfect Valentine’s gift!

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Beauty Obsession – The Scentarium Deluxe Perfume Making Kit

Current (Beauty) Obsession: THE SCENTARIUM Deluxe Perfume Making Kit

| January 23, 2015 | Reply

In case you’re starting to wonder what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day this year, I happen to have an extraordinary suggestion. THE SCENTARIUM Deluxe Perfume Making Kit  is an absolute treasure. I remember when I was around eight years old I received a children’s perfume making kit and I have such fond memories mixing and blending until every last drop of the fragrance bottles were gone. I have never found anything on the market quite like it … until now, and this one is 1000 times more luxurious!

When I saw that the kit comes with two atomizers to create two separate perfumes, I saw this as a golden opportunity to create fragrances with my 10-year-old daughter. We had such an amazing time bonding, blending, sampling each other’s creations. What a gift! It’s a great present to give someone but even greater if you can share the experience. And it really comes with everything you need to create a most amazing (and intoxicating) signature scent.

The kit includes some pretty spectacular things:

  • 12 unique (10ml) perfume blends categorized in four main fragrance ‘families’: FRESH, FLORAL, WOODY, and ORIENTAL. Each ‘family’ consists of 3 perfume blends, which can be combined to create many unique signature scents to reflect your individuality. Refill blends can be reordered online.
  • Two designer refillable 20ml atomizers (sleek silver, and black with diamante accents)
  • An instruction sheet and complete blend chart
  • 12 blotter strips with matching pipettes
  • Formula cards to register YOUR creation in our database, for a refill of your signature scent
  • Scent personality test and eraser pen
  • scentarium deluxe perfume kit

It’s a brilliant concept created by Sue Phillips, CEO and inventor of Scenterprises, a globally-recognized expert in the fragrance/ perfume, cosmetics, and personal care fields. Her exquisite deluxe perfume kit really did evoke that feeling of magic and wonder I had as a young girl sitting on my bedroom floor making my own signature scent. This takes that feeling to a whole new level. It’s a perfect gift for your wife, daughter, mother…any special lady in your life. (Including yourself!)

THE SCENTARIUM Deluxe Perfume Making Kit: $225 plus flat rate shipping (in the USA)–while supplies last

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Category: BELLA Blog, Home

About the Author ()

Lifestyle journalist for national publications. @BellaNYCMag’s Beauty Director. Lipgloss whisperer. Hairspray demystifyer.

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“You smell great!”

Sue-1.jpgOne of the best compliments you will ever receive when you hug someone is “You smell great!”

The sense of pride and confidence you will feel is palpable when people ask you what you are wearing, and you say: “It’s mine”.  When the fragrance you wear is your very OWN it validates who you are and the choices you make.

The shift in fragrance over the last 40 years reflects socio, economic and political trends and today it is all about Customization!

In the 1970’S, CLASSIC & DESIGNER FRAGRANCES were the rage! Classic fragrances such as Chanel, Arpège, Shalimar, White Shoulders were popular. Fragrances from French and American designers emerged as Designers expanded their fashion brands with fragrances.  “Chloe” by the House of Chloe, “Opium” from Yves St. Laurent, “Obsession” from Calvin Klein were just some of the more popular scents wafting in the air.

wdm2294In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Celebrity Scents started to populate with the first major Celebrity fragrance from Elizabeth Taylor: “White Diamonds”. Soon thereafter, every Celebrity realized that having their own fragrance would appeal to their fans (and expand their bank balance!)

At the time of the Millennium, the feeling of nostalgia returned with a longing for the ‘good old days’ and many familiar classic scents enjoyed a resurgence. Chanel has withstood the test of time and still sells well at the holidays.

From 2000 to today, almost every Celebrity from Lady Gaga , Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé to Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams has a fragrance. The proliferation of Celebrity Scents is vast and the fragrance shelves are filled with Celebrity Scents. Every Reality star now has a fragrance and the choice is overwhelming.  Consumers are confused with such an enormous range of scents.

Sue Phillips with Deluxe Perfume Making KitCustomization is now becoming popular as consumers are realizing that they can reflect their own individuality and personality with their own scent creation. Their life experiences are unique to them and everything they wear should reflect that. So, why wear what everyone else wears when you can truly create your own scent? Bespoke Perfumery used to be the realm of the wealthy or nobility. Napoleon had his own scent. Fragrance houses such as Caron and Guerlain created bespoke perfumes for royalty and the formula took several months, sometimes even years, to create and the formula was stored in a secret vault.

Today, Custom scents are available to everyone, with companies such as Scenterprises and The Scentarium creating a beautiful, educational, ‘scentertaining’ experience at a fraction of the price.

In an hour, with a Fragrance Expert, you can discover the magic and mystery of fragrance, become fascinated by the history of scent, learn about the vocabulary of fragrance, evaluate a range of exquisite blends and then select 3 or 4 you love, and create your very own fragrance. You can even “name” it and receive a Certificate of Registration authenticating your formula. And, when you are ready to reorder, your creation will be sent to you.  This way, when you walk down the street and are asked “What are you wearing?” you will smile and know that it’s YOURS! Personalization is the new YOU!


Jamie Foxx with Sue Phillips at The Scentarium

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Jamie Foxx- recently visited the Scentarium™ in TriBeCa

Jamie Foxx – Actor, Singer, Songwriter and Comedian – recently visited  the Scentarium™ in TriBeCa – downtown NYC to develop his own custom perfume with Scent Expert Sue Phillips – CEO of Scenterprises™. Sue comments:” We were delighted to assist Jamie in the creation of an individual, bespoke scent. Jamie chose the beautiful Murano hand blown glass perfume bottle Marcel Franck Atomizer. Even Celebrities are realising that custom scents can reflect their own individuality and personality”.

Sue Phillips and Jamie Foxx

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Floral Design and Fragrance Making Workshops

Scenterprises is thrilled to be collaborating with GRAMERCY PARK FLOWER SHOP for a Flower/Fragrance Workshop to Excite the Senses!

perfume workshopFloral Design and Fragrance Making Workshops 

Have a desire to learn about flowers and how to keep them looking their best? Searching for something a little untraditional to do with your friends this season? With our exciting new workshop series, you can learn from our expert designers how to properly arrange flowers to create a beautifully hand crafted arrangement and even create your own personalized perfume, compliments of Scenterprises. Combined with wine and cheese, you’ve got the perfect night out in New York City!
Select from our classes in our Dumbo, Brooklyn location, or bring the party to you in the comfort of your own home or office!


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The Scentarium Deluxe Custom Perfume Making Kit – launch

Includes: • 12 unique (10ml) perfume blends categorized in four main fragrance ‘families’ : FRESH, FLORAL, WOODY, ORIENTAL. Each ‘family’ consists of 3 perfume blends, which can be combined to create unique signature scents to reflect your individuality. Refill blends can be reordered online. • Two designer refillable 20ml atomizers (silver, and black with diamante accents) • An instruction Sheet and complete Blend Chart • 12 blotter strips with matching pipettes • Formula Cards to register YOUR creation in our database, and order your refill of your signature scent. • Scent personality test and eraser penSue Phillips of Scenterprises is delighted to announce the launch of her long awaited Deluxe Custom Perfume Making Kit – The Scentarium.

Sue has developed a range of exclusive, unique and exquisite perfume blends which have all been cleverly crafted so that they can be mixed together in any number of combinations to create your own designer perfume – just like an “A” list Celebrity.Sue 1




Sue Phillips is renowned world wide as a Perfume Expert and using her wealth of talent and experience she has developed a kit containing 12 unique perfume blends split into four families: Fresh, Floral, Woodsy and Oriental. With the 12 blends available within these four families you can create a range of scents for females, males, the young and the old. Basically  your imagination is the limit – so if you think you’d like to have a go at designing a unique, personal and amazing scent – then go to the Scenterprises web site for more details.scentarium deluxe perfume kit



You can also attend a group or one to one Fragrance Workshop with Sue Phillips in person and learn the tricks of the trade about how fragrances are actually created and what makes them last. Fragrance Workshops.

group shot perfume workshop

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Book Signing in New York – July 19th with Jean Williams

Pick up the moving saga of a multi-talented ten year old. A Lil More Cream & Sugar featuring: Naliyah Nana’s lil Angel @Amazon, B&N, Books a Mil, U Tube, PRWeb, aired @BRVO, ENT, TRU TV, MSNBC..
Purchase: Exclu. By Jeannie (c) Accessories @It’zzz..Time, LLC   “Nothing”(R) Parfum but the Best to you!  My direction has a purpose.

Come and meet Jean Williams at her book signing;
Saturday July 19
Time 2pm -4pm
85 Franklin St
NY NY 10013

book signing


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Will you be attending?

          YES           NO           MAYBE


lucille khornak


2400 MONTAUK HIGHWAY across from Bobby Van’s

WHEN:July12th, 2014, 4pm – 7pm

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LEWIS PAUL LONG, founder of THE SOL STUDIO presents an innovative and creative event with SUE PHILLIPS, president of SCENTERPRISES™, creator of TIFFANY, BURBERRYS and many other iconic fragrances, to take you on a ‘fragrance journey’ to create your own ‘bespoke’ or Signature Fragrance!

Her custom fragrance workshops have been written up as “the Best place to create your own SCENT in NY”!

ART & SCENT are so closely aligned and at this “Celebration of the Senses”, you will discover and explore the perfume notes, blends, composition, harmony and colors that will delight your senses!

Learn about the magic and mystery of Fragrance, and evaluate extraordinary blends ranging from sparkling citrus notes of grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin to warm sensual notes of amber and spices; heady florals and luscious, exotic fruity notes…A bouquet of magnificent aromas! Combine 3 or 4 blends you love and voila your unique ‘formula’ is decanted into an elegant spray bottle. “Name” your creation and leave with your Signature Scent. Receive a Certificate of Registration and we keep your formula in our database for ease of reordering.  This is ideal for Men, Women, Groups, Corporate & Bridal events. Why wear someone else, when you can wear your OWN?

WHERE: THE SOL STUDIO: Address: 2073 7th Ave, New York, NY 10027

WHEN: SATURDAY, MARCH 15 TIME: 1:00pm – 3:00pm  Refreshments & Niblets
WHAT: Fragrance Workshop Fee: $10 deposit fee, applied toward a Fragrance Purchase of $75 or more

RSVP: Phone:(646) 350-6562– Limited Space –  These events sell out – book now!


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Scentsorium Launch for Custom Scents


JANUARY 2014! We are thrilled to announce the opening of our eponymous Custom Perfume Studio! After 5 years of creating custom perfumes for individuals, groups, corporations, team-building and bridal events we now have our OWN new location in the trendy TRIBECA area on Franklin Street which is open by appointment to create Bespoke Perfumes.

2014 has already begun with an amazing start! We offered a unique Fragrance Bar at The Girls Lounge in Las Vegas for IPSOS where we created custom fragrances for about 200 of the top CEO’s, CMO’s of major corporations who loved their creations.  We were also invited to collaborate with TELEFLORA to create 4 Fragrance Bouquets to match their 2014 Mother’s Day Floral Bouquets to the top beauty and lifestyle editors.

We have appeared on several TV shows:  Dr. Joanne WhiteTV show POWER YOUR LIFEand discussed how fragrance and memory can help with Alzheimer’s, and Sue created Custom Scents for DAYTIME TAMPA TV hosts: Cyndi and Jerry

Thrilled to have been on HSN recently presenting FLO FRAGRANCE ATOMIZER – the only UNIVERSAL FRAGRANCE ATOMIZER that refills from ANY fragrance bottled – ideal for travel, gifts, and a great way to refresh your fragrance any time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWudPzTxOsA

I am thrilled to be the Spokesperson for DOWNY INFUSIONS where you can create a luxurious experience for your every day laundry needs! Create your own Custom Scents for a wonderful fresh laundry!  The recent event in Toronto showcased the various scents that Downy offers

Our Custom Perfume events started 5 years ago by creating signature scents for individuals, and CBS has recognized us as one of the BEST PLACES to create your OWN custom fragrance for groups,corporations, team-building events, bridal showers, unique ‘scentertaining’ experiences for editors, bloggers, law firms, multi-scentsory events, and for major corporations. We are grateful and enormously thrilled to have grown to become THE SCENT DESTINATION for amazing ‘experiences’, and appreciate all the fabulous  testimonials we have received from consumers, editors, bloggers :“My Fragrant Evening with Sue Phillips of Scenterprises + Blend Your Own Draw” from Senior Editor Mike Devine, Cafleurebon as well as  My Journey to Mustique by Barney Bishop of Fragrant Moments.

We are so proud to be featured in ODARA MAGAZINE (which is a Yoruba name for girls meaning  “BEAUTY”  in Nigerian and Benin) a magazine which empowers women to be the BEST they can be; as well as to be interviewed in COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE’S November 2013 issue for an article titled “FIND YOUR SCENT SOUL MATE”!

Our aim is bring unique custom scent experiences to our clients, and to spread the word about how special and wonderful our fragrances are, as confirmed by Fox News! This year we were thrilled to be a nominee for Martha Stewart’s American Made Award and thank you all for your votes.

Our Spring calendar is already filled with events and we are excited that Sue Phillips, our founder, is the spokesperson for P&G’s Downy Infusions to celebrate their newest fragrance Cashmere Glow Downy Infusions

Our Custom Perfume events and Fragrance Bars are gaining momentum. More and more people are seeking CUSTOM PERFUMES and our testimonials are great!Click on this link to see the video with Fragrance Lovers & The GoodSmellas video with Scenterprises 

We are thankful to all our clients for expressing their joy and happiness at the formulas they have created. We are available to create custom fragrances for all your loved ones. Creating a custom fragrance is an ideal experience for any and all occasions!  Join the new ‘scentrepreneurs’ who have created their OWN signature scents and book your custom workshop or event today.

Our mission is to offer the most fabulous fragrance festivities to all you fragrance lovers! Please follow us on facebook and twitter and our blessings for a healthy and prosperous 2014!



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Goodsmellas review Scenterprises Custom Scent experience

Goodsmellas review Scenterprises Custom Scent experience

Scenterprises is truly a marvelous, one of a kind experience for anyone who’s interested in the art of perfumery, from beginners to the well journeyed aficionado. The briliant and very knowledgable Sue Phillips has helped many individuals in finding that perfect fragrance that not only smells absolutely divine, but a fragrance that perfectly represents one’s self to those around you. It just doesn’t get any better then this and I hope that everyone gets to experience this once, to not only learn more about perfumery, but also alittle bit about yourself. It’s not just perfume folks, its a spiritual experience that will delve you further into your fragrance journey. It certainly comes with the Goodsmellas Gold Stamp of approval!

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Fall Fragrance News from Scenterprises

Fall, with it’s delectable colors and aromas of Halloween and Thanksgiving, is officially upon us! I love the warm delicious aromas of spice, and chocolates with promises of more yummy things to come. Our calender is booked with Custom Fragrance events and seminars, workshops and Fragrance bars for Corporations, Team-building, Bridal Events and more. The past few months have seen us at beautiful colorful Indian Wedding celebrations with our own “Perfumeria” where we created custom scents for hundreds of guests, as well as creating unique signature scents for thousands of individuals, groups and Corporate events.
Our aim is bring ‘scentsational’ experiences to our clients, and to spread the word about how special and wonderful our fragrances are! This year we were thrilled to be a nominee for Martha Stewart’s American Made Award and thank you all for your votes.

Our calendar is booked with all sorts of events and we are thrilled and delighted to be heading to Toronto as spokesperson for P&G’s Downy Infusions to celebrate their newest fragrance Cashmere Glow

Our Custom Perfume events and Fragrance Bars are gaining momentum. More and more people are seeking CUSTOM PERFUMES and our testimonials are great!  Read “My Fragrant Evening with Sue Phillips of Scenterprises + Blend Your Own Draw” from Senior Editor Mike Devine, Cafleurebon.

Our Fall calendar is booked already with events and fragrance lovers wanting to experience the wonderful world of scents, and we are forever grateful for all the amazing initiatives that are happening and for our fragrance lovers who continue to give us great testimonials.

Enjor Fragrant Fall Days!



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