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Create Your Own Perfume

Creating your own perfume is as easy as 1,2,3.

design-your-own-perfume-introductory-kit-long1.Go to our Shop and buy Scenterprises' Introductory Perfume Kit. You will then be sent a link to our Personality Quiz.
Orchids2. Take our unique and fun Scent Personality Quiz to determine which types of perfume family you prefer. We will then send you your Kit based on the results of your Quiz.
Scenterprise bespoke perfume

3. When you receive your Introductory Perfume Kit you will have a full set of instructions and all the necessary items you will require to create your very own custom scent. Enjoy!



design-your-own-scent.jpgRe-create your own unique fragrance

You can mix and match our blends in any combination, and may find that you end up with 3 or 4 favourite recipes that you've created. By keeping a note of which blends you mix together and in what proportion on your formula card, you will always be able to recreate your special custom scents.  

You can re-order your blends from our web site (please note that our blends are unique to Scenterprises and cannot be purchased elsewhere). And don’t forget you can always  try other blends if you want  to expand your creativity and maybe make a scent for friends or family.

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