Creating your own custom perfume has never been easier.

Follow the 4 steps below and select the original formulas to be inspired for your own personal perfume creations. To access the formulas, please use the password provided to you. If you don’t have a password, please join Scenterprises’ Perfume Club to receive your password.

How To Use The Formulas

handssteps 1Find out what type of fragrance families you prefer by taking our fun and interesting Scent Personality Quiz.

Sue Phillip's Perfume Recipes

review sue's formulas

Go to the Fragrance Families below and find one or more original formulas you would like to try.Orchidsbuy perfume blendsSelect the Perfume Blends you would like from our shop area. The blends come is a selection of sizes from 5ml to 30ml.

Create your own perfume with Scenterprises

4 create your perfumeWhen you receive your blends you will have everything you need to start creating your own bespoke perfumes and you can use some of Sue’s Original Formulas for inspiration

Once you have mastered the Art of Perfumery, you will be able to design custom scents for friends and family too – what a fabulous gift idea !

sensual floral floralFloral Blend Recipes

Fresh Perfume Blends

Fresh Blend Recipes

Woody Perfume Blends

Woody Blend Recipes

Oriental Perfume Blends

Oriental Blend Recipes