Sue Phillips Original Formulas

Sue Phillips

Sue Phillips

Welcome Fragrance Lover,

Thank you for becoming a select member of my Perfume Club! As you are a privileged member of the Scenterprises’ Perfume Club, I am delighted to share with you some of my original fragrance creations that I have developed using my exquisite, high quality Perfume Blends available exclusively here and only from Scenterprises™.

The wonderful thing about using my perfume blends, is you can can create so many unique and distinctive fragrances – for both men and women! Even when you select one of the formulas below – you can change it instantly by adding a few extra drops of one of the blends – or actually adding a completely different blend. The secret lies in your creative mind, as it is YOU who are the perfumer now and you can create the perfect scent for your outfit, your new love or boy friend, your school reunion, your wedding day, your birthday – in fact you can create a special perfume that is unique to you for any event and at any time or occasion. Your friends and family will love it too! Plus when they ask you what you’re wearing, you can  always say “It’s MY signature scent creation made with Scenterprises™’ beautiful Perfume Blends!”.

Every single blend is a perfume on it’s own, and can be worn alone, OR combined with any other blend. That is what is so original and compelling . There is no right or wrong combination – simply what you prefer. You can purchase all 18 blends and create  your very own fragrance or fragrances for different times and occasions. Perhaps one for day, and and one more for an exciting night! One for the weekend and one for weekdays. The choice is yours!

So – enjoy my Original Formulas – all you need  to get started are these wonderful Perfume Blends – so explore these original perfume blends now. Why were what everyone else is wearing when you can create your very own fragrance?

Scenterprises’ Perfume Blends are made from high quality, natural ingredients, and many of these ORIGINAL and UNIQUE fragrance formulas below are suitable for both men and women. All of the formulas are based on equal quantities of each blend – but you can change this to your heart’s desire once you have the perfume blends yourself. Be the best you can be!



Sue Signature

ADVENTUROUS– uses blends: Breezy  Ozonic, Exotic Spicy, Warm Woodsy
Fresh crisp notes that develop into vibrant exotic spicy notes and creamy sandalwood. Perfect for the adventurer in you! For Men and Women.

AUDACIOUS  – uses blends – Mellow Musky, Earthy Mossy, Smooth Amber
Smooth, mellow musky notes combined with bold patchouli and mossy and topped with smooth amber – makes a statement! For Men and Women.

COLLABORATIVE  – uses blends – Sparkling Citrus, Heady Floral, Warm Woodsy­
Refreshing, soothing and charming – People love having you around when you wear this fragrance! Want to be considered a team player?  Wear Collaborative! For Men and Women.

EXPRESSIVE – uses blends – Balsamic Vanilla, Mellow Musky, Smooth Amber­
There’s nothing better than the ability to express yourself through fragrance. With this you’re approachable, warm, sensual, reassuring, happy and sexy! Nothing wrong with that! For Men and Women.

INSPIRING – uses blends – Crisp Green, Breezy Ozonic, Gentle Floral­
Be inspiring! This fragrance leaves no doubt that you are confident and inspire those around you with your charm, allure and your personality. For Men and Women.

INTUITIVE  – uses blends – Luscious Fruity, Relaxing Herbal, Smooth Amber­
Hmm relaxing, familiar and calming – this gourmand fragrance is simply delicious! For Men and Women.

MULTITASKER – uses blends – Fresh Floral, Modern Rose Floral, Exotic Spicy, Fresh Tonic Sport­
A fragrance that reflects all your facets: feminine, sexy, flirtatious and sensual! You can do it all and have it all – be a multi-tasker!

RELAXING – uses blends – Aldehydic, Luscious Fruity, Relaxing Herbal, Gentle Floral ­
Calming, relaxing, smooth, comfortable, contended. Sit back, relax, and feel happy!

BRIDAL BOUQUET – uses blends – Sparkling Citrus, Mellow Musky, Gentle Floral
We believe every woman celebrating this happy day deserves a symphony of colorful freesia and cyclamen to complement her beauty. Now you can hold this fragrant bouquet everywhere around you, all day long.

MR & MRSuses blends– Aldehydic, Luscious Fruity, Earthy Mossy
A sweet reminder of that cozy, peaceful feeling you have spending time alone with your loved one. A fragrance that reflects the wonderful couple you are – feminine powdery notes and luscious fruity notes, that mingle with strong comforting sensuality.

TOGETHER FOREVER – uses blends– Sparkling Citrus, Earthy Mossy, Relaxing Herbal
Let this fragrance take you on a journey from the first affectionate look in the eyes to the loving embrace throughout your years together. Suitable for all the moments – giggly flirtatious, bold and relaxing.  Ideal for Men and Women.

WEDDING DAY uses blends – Luscious Fruity, Relaxing Herbal, Smooth Amber
Tie the knot and this fragrance will reflect exciting memories coming your way. For Men and Women