Article in the Luxonomist

The Perfect Perfume for every room by Reader’s Digest

L’Oreal Headliner – DIY fragrance and consumer branding

Beauty Fashion Interview with Sue Phillips by Beauty Fashion Fragrance

DIY Perfume – Create your Own Fragrance at Home – by Garage Cabinets

The Perfect Fragrance For Every Room – Reader’s Digest. –

Buy Savvy Chic Perfume by Sue Phillips and SoChicNYC

SoChicNYC – Sue Phillips designs a Bespoke Perfume for SoChicNYC 

WWD – Fashion Group International nominate Scenterprises’ Sue Phillips as a Beauty and Fragrance Entrepreneur for their 2016 Rising Star Awards.



Huffington post :Glass Ceiling interview features Sue Phillips


MovieZoot: The Scents of the Stars

CaFleurBon – Bespoke  Perfumery

Guitar Girl Magazine – the relationship between fragrance and music

April – – How to Make Your Fragrance Last

March/April 2015 – Bella NYC Influencer Edition features the Scentarium™ Deluxe Perfume Making Kit by Scenterprises™.

February 22nd 2015 – Sue Philllips – Bespoke Perfume Winner by

February 6th – 2015 – The Epoch Times – Interviews Sue Phillips about Bonding Through Scent on Valentine’s Day.

January 23rd – – The (Current) Beauty Obsession – the Scentarium Deluxe Perfume Making Kit.


December 24th – – Jamie Foxx gets schooled in custom fragrances by Scent expert Sue Phillips.

November 10th 2014 – – Trends in custom fragrance.

October 2014 – Avenue – The Scent of a Woman – unique and trending – see page 38

October 2014 – – The Scentsational Sphere of Custom Perfume by Taylor Stein

September 16th 2014 – Scenterprises – A Fragrance Journey with Sue Phillips – Melanie Meadows of  The Fabulous Report meets Sue Phillips – CEO of Scenterprises™ and creator of the Scentarium™.

September 5th 2014 – Luxury Travel Magazine – Create your own custom fragrance with the Scentarium™

September 3rd 2014 – HauteDiary – Create a Custom Fragrance t The Scentarium

August 25th 2014 – The Fashion Reporter – Fine Fragrance at The Scentarium

August 12th 2014 – the Beauty – Introducing the Scentarium Deluxe Perfume Making Kit from Scenterprises.

June 14th 2014 – @downtownmag visit the Scentarium to learn about creating custom scents,

May 26th 2014 – – Scensational Signature Scents

May 2014 – Enjoy Beauty International – Custom Perfumes – the Art of Scent Branding – scroll to page 54 to read the interview with Sue Phillips.

May 21st 2014 – The Southeast Missourian – Summer Scent Tips

May 14th 2014 – Guitar Girl Magazine linking Fragrance, Music and the Senses.

May 2014 – ABC TV – Create you very own Perfume Scent.

May 6th 2014 – Honest Beauty – Customize Your Scent

April 26th 2014 – FRAGRANTICA – Interview with Perfume Insider Sue Phillips: The Future of Perfume, Entrepreneurial Options and Luxury vs. Function

April 24th 2014 – Lifestyle Mirror – How to use Music to find your Signature Scent Online.

April 18th 2014 – LA TIMES – For Branding, many places adopt signature scents

April 13th – Beauty Fit Girls – Finding Your Signature Scent.

April 8th 2014 – Allure present How to Make Your Perfume Last by Sue Phillips of Scenterprises.

April 2nd 2014 – How to Boost Your Mood with a Scent (and a Little Sensibility) by SELF MAGAZINE

April 2014 – Alison Black of Advice Sisters  – Leather & Lace presents the new fragrance Leather and Lace by Scenterprises – available at the Scentsorium.

April 1st 2014 –  reports on Artisan ingredients and novel presentation inspire marketers to boost business in the fine fragrance arena.

March 5th 2014 – Crain’s Business reports on the niche opportunity of Personal Fragrances.

March 5th 2014 – Eyes In features: The Scentsorium opens its doors to create bespoke perfumes.

Feb 28th 2014 – SpaFinder reports on the Scentsational Sphere of Custom Perfumery

Feb 2014 – Press_Release_Post_Event

Feb 26th – IN New York blog features the opening of The Scentsorium.

Feb 25th – Lauren Ezersky of NewNYNow meets  custom Perfumeur Sue Phillps

Feb 24th – on Beauty Stat – the Do’s and Don’ts to Wearing Fragrance, How to find your Signature Scent.

Jan 20 On FOX NEWS TV showing the CORRECT Way to Wear Perfume.

Jan 8:  On Daytime Tampa – creating custom scents for the hosts.

Jan 18: On Dr Joanne White’s POWER YOUR LIFE TV show.

Savvy Spender’s “The Best Way to Buy Perfume” is live on Yahoo! Shopping.

Description:  Host Farnoosh Torabi interviews fragrance expert, Sue Phillips, to share how to save on your next perfume purchase.

Nov 2013  with P&G DOWNY INFUSIONS as their Spokesperson.

Dec 6 On HSN TV BEAUTY REPORT  selling a fabulous Fragrance Atomizer.

A thoroughly modern guide to fragrance :

Now Smell This!

Fragrance plays an important role in every household-cleaning category. No wonder why marketers are devoting more resources than ever to product perfumery.

BY: Tom Branna, Editorial Director.

By:  Caroline Schaefer,

We are so grateful for all these great articles and TV coverage and look forward to bringing you more “SCENTFUL” experiences during the year!


Scenterprises’ review in by THE GOODSMELLAS June 2013.

Sue Phillips interviewed and quoted about SUMMER SCENTS.

SUE PHILLIPS interviewed in Health Magazine in an article on the Best Fragrances of 2012

Happi Magazine discusses the O Factor – interviewing Sue Phillips about P&G Downy Infusions fragranced fabric softener product line.

CBS lists SCENTERPRISES as one of the BEST paces to create your OWN perfume in NY.






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