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    http://www.myfoxny.com/video?clipId=9750305&autostart=true http://shopping.yahoo.com/news/the-best-way-to-buy-perfume-164954761.html  

The Scentarium on Chinese TV


fox news

Jan 20 On FOX NEWS TV showing the CORRECT Way to Wear Perfume

the savvy shopper

Savvy Spender’s “The Best Way to Buy Perfume” is live on Yahoo!

P&G Spokewoman for Downy

Nov 2013  with P&G DOWNY INFUSIONS as their Spokesperson

Dr Jo Anne White

Dec 13 On Dr Joanne White's POWER YOUR LIFE TV show

beauty stat

Beauty Stat

Scentsational scents

Scentsational Scents for You


Sue Phillips presents Bespoke Perfumes

brooklyn college news

Brooklyn College


custom perfume event

Sue Phillips present a Custom Perfume Experience



lancome event

The Lancome Event 


 A bespoke perfume experience

custom perfumer

The Personal Scent Perfumeur

environmental scenting

Environmental Scents by Sue Phillips




goodsmellas perfume creation

GoodSmellas at a Custom Perfume Workshop

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