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Sue Phillips Perfume Blends
sparkling citrusfresh tonic sportbreezy ozonicCrisp Greenluscious fruityaldehydicfresh floralmodern rose floralsensual floral floralheady floralgentle floralwarm woodsyearthy mossyrelaxing herbalexotic spicesbalsamic vanillamellow muskysmooth amber

Sue Phillip’s Perfume Blends

$30.00$50.00 Excludes Tax

Select the Perfume blend/blends of your choice – along with the ml size. Select a gold, purple or black sachet.

The blends can be worn on their own – or you can spray more than one onto your skin at a time to create a unique layered perfume of your choice.


Scentfully Sue.


Additional Information

Select your Blend

Sparkling Citrus, Fresh Tonic Sport, Breezy Ozonic, Crisp Green, Luscious Fruity, Aldehydic, Fresh Floral, Modern Rose Floral, Sensual Floral, Heady Floral, Gentle Floral, Warm Woodsy, Earthy Mossy, Relaxing Herbal, Exotic Spice, Balsamic Vanilla, Mellow Musk, Smooth Amber,

Select your fill

5 ml, 10 ml,

Sachet color

Gold, Purple, Black,

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