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Design Your Own Perfume – Introductory Kit

$70.00 Includes Tax

Buy the Kit then take the quiz !

The Scentarium Design Your Own Perfume Introductory Kit is perfect to get you started on the road to becoming a perfumer. Simply buy the kit below – deciding whether you would prefer a Gold or a Black satin sachet. Once you have placed and paid for your order, you will be able to download the link to Scenterprises' Scent Personality Quiz. Have fun answering the questions which will enable us to understand what type of Perfume notes you most prefer and we will send you these in your kit.

Your Kit will consist of:

  • Four 2 ml bottles containing the Perfume Blends
  • One 8 ml Perfume Bottle – which is refillable
  • Pipettes and Perfume Strips which are labeled with your Perfume Blend names
  • One Gold or Black satin sachet
  • Full instructions


Once you've used your kit – you can always re-buy the Perfume Blends from our web site or buy other Perfume Blends if you enjoy being creative.




Additional Information

Sachet Colour

Gold, Black

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