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Women Leaders Define Luxury Today And Tomorrow

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Coco Chanel, the iconic visionary of luxury, once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” A century later, differentiation is still the hallmark of luxury, as evidenced that the concept of the indelible personalized experience increasingly resonates. To share insights in defining what luxury is today and how it will change, I recently interviewed four of the great luxury women leaders of our time.

  • Annastasia V. Seebohm, Global CEO, Quintessentially Group, the world’s leading luxury lifestyle group with $100 million revenue and over 60 offices globally
  • Edie Rodriguez, Americas Brand Chairman, Ponant, and former CEO Crystal Cruises
  • Robin Tauck, Former CEO, Tauck Inc., the third generation pioneer and leader in luxury travel and tours
  • Sue Phillips, leading fragrance expert and CEO, Scenterprises

Robert Reiss: Define what the concept of luxury means to you?

Annastasia Seebohm: We are all so busy that time has become our most precious luxury. I travel frequently so it’s important to stop and take time, I also think that’s when the big ideas happen.  Ultimately luxury is about living your best life, one that’s rich in experiences and learning, while allowing you time for the things you love the most.

Edie Rodriguez: To me Luxury today, especially in travel, is all about options to do what one wants, when they want it and the manner in which they want it, which includes the ability to see any destination in the world as an authentic experience.  

Christy O’Keefe

Robin Tauck and Robert Reiss, with original 1925 brochure

Robin Tauck: We are living now in the “Golden Age of Travel” historically.  For that aspect of luxury and with booming numbers of 1.5 billion people crossing international borders it is actually less about luxurious hotel rooms, pampering and self indulgence. Luxury in my field I define as having Extraordinary, exclusive and stress-free access to special, unique or educational experiences that enrich and transform our lives and the lives of others. 

Sue Phillips: Today, the definition of Luxury is not just the state of great comfort and extravagant living, but creating your OWN PERSONAL BRAND by reflecting WHO you are with CONFIDENCE, INDIVIDUALITY and creating YOUR OWN SENSE OF STYLE; it will include all aspects of YOU: Personal, Home, Company

Reiss: How will luxury change over the next five years?  

Tauck: Technology is changing our lives by the moment; travel is ready to soar beyond anything we have experienced. I am so excited about to uniquely personalize and craft “immediate” experiences exactly to the individual wherever he or she (or they) may be.  To match ones inner desires, quests and dreams with a faster, easier, more meaningful and personalized result – beyond our wildest imaginations.

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