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So, have you ever dreamed of Creating your OWN perfume?   Now you can!

create your own custom perfume

STEP 1 – Buy the Introductory Perfume Kit. STEP 2 – Take our Scent Personality Quiz. STEP 3 Start Creating

BOOK A CUSTOM SCENT EXPERIENCE – suitable for both men and women

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now you can design your own fragranceOur story began in 2008 when Sue Phillips noticed a shifting trend in the Fragrance Industry. With thousands of Classic, Designer and Celebrity scents in the market place, Sue heard from many fragrance lovers that they didn’t want to wear something that everyone else was wearing. They were looking for a fragrance that was unique and distinctive – they wanted a CUSTOM PERFUME made JUST for them.

So with her immense knowledge and expertise in the Fragrance industry, having developed fragrances for Tiffany & Co., Avon, Burberry, Trish McEvoy, Lancaster, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many others Sue started to create and develop her Custom Scents collection– 18 exquisite perfume blends which reflect all the different fragrance families.

Soon men and women realized that they were able create their own signature fragrances, and learn about fragrance in a fun, experiential, educational ‘Scentertaining’ way. They discovered different perfume blends that reflected their personality and individuality. Scenterprises has been at the forefront of Custom Perfume and was the first company to develop experiential fun CUSTOM FRAGRANCE events and experiences for Fragrance Lovers. Celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, and companies such as:

AOL, BULGARI, COTY, GE, GOOGLE, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, THE GIRLS LOUNGE, MERRIL LYNCH, MET LIFE, P&G, NOVARTIS, P&G, SC JOHNSON,  TELEFLORA, WELLS FARGO, ZURICH FINANCIAL …and hundreds of others have all presented innovative Corporate, Teambuilding events as well as.

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